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New Website !!!

So, this is what all the email-hassle was all about, my new website 😉

The biggest problem with my former website was that the portfolio was in a flash-based format thus not viewable on an iPad, iPhone etc. The second issue was that the pages didn’t have a scroll option built-in. With the page “Exhibitions” I had to delete some to be able to add the new ones. Not very practical. It was perfect when I first had the website but I kind of grew out of it. So it was time to find something new. Something that I could easily build and maintain myself with no flash involved while still looking flashy. Big Black Bag gave me all that!

Anyway, I got it sort of finished now. It’ll evolve over time and probably get a make-over in two years when I get tired of this design (it’s what I do ;-)) but I like it! I hope you do too! If you run across anything that isn’t working probably or you feel like it’s not as practical as it should be, shoot me an email (on my new address haha!).

The all new Contrastique Website

Thanks for looking!


* = back *

Yes, it has happened! We’re back online again! Needless to say I am more than happy. My private email address seemed to have blocked the move…I don’t know why but whatever; it’s solved now 😉 I hope that means the website will be safe for a long time to come…

Oh, and best wishes for 2011!!


Contrastique’s New Website in the Air!!

I just have to show it off 😉 I’ve worked pretty long on the design and am very proud with the result. For the design I was inspired by wet plates as you will probably notice. Luckily I could find a person willing to turn the design into a proper functioning web page since I know nothing about website building. I might pick up a coarse on it but photography is already taking up so much time I’m not sure it would be a wise decision, at least not for now. Here’s the link to my new site:

Photography Contrastique

Here’s a sneak preview:

Website FrontPage

Website FrontPage

If you have any comments or remarks on the working and functionality of the site please let me know! Publications is not working perfectly for everyone so far but it will be fixed soon.