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Platinum Palladium Printing from Leica M Monochrom

I ran into this film online where photographer and Platinum Palladium printer, Manuel Gomes Teixeira, was invited by the Portuguese distributor of Leica to test the Leica M Monochrom. He made several images, converted one file into a digital negative and printing that. I just love watching this process, especially captured in a really nice way, made with the new Leica M.

Platinum Palladium Printing with Leica M Monochrom from Luís Oliveira Santos on Vimeo.

Enjoy the video, believe in analogue and have a great weekend! -❤-


Leica Serial Numbers

It’s probably common knowledge but for those who don’t know the age of their M-camera, like me, but want to know, like me, you can drop to your knees and thank God for internet 😉 Of course, God had nothing to do with it, as with everything else, however…

Anyway, I came across the following site which tells you by the serial number of your camera from which year it dates, and how many were produced in that specific batch. I learned that my camera was built on the 11th of July 1994. I finally have a camera which is actually younger than me  ❤.


Anyway, that was it! I finally finished a big assignment so expect some new things soon!

Leica M6 + Elmar 50mm f/2,8

My newest camera purchase is a Leica! Going back to 35mm film, what a surprise! I still had a Nikon F100 laying around which I hadn’t used for over 3 years. Autofocus is boring, especially now that I have lenses (you know, for the eyes) I just love to work on manual focus. Sure you can switch the Nikon to MF but since it has no nice grid in the viewfinder to help with the focusing I thought it would be great looking at a decent manual one. And there came a Leica on my path!

The choice was not that hard to make and so far I love it! I intend to use it for landscapes, together with the Hasselblad, and shoot IR film with it. Having read that IR film and lith printing go hand in hand this is what I have in mind for them. Looking forward shooting my first roll of IR film, still in the fridge, hope to find the time soon!