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The Mask Series – My Submission

Some time ago I mentioned I joined the project called the Mask Series where wet plate collodion photographers from all over the world were invited to join. About a month ago I received my mask and yesterday, finally, was able to work with it.

I had two things in mind to try. The first one didn’t work out, the second one surely did. As a background I used the Lastolite Urban Collapsible which worked really well with collodion. I will be using that more in the future (heck, it’s the reason I bought it ;-)).

Le Rȇve Noir

“Make no mistake
You shan’t escape
Tethered and tied
There’s nowhere to hide”
Portishead – All Mine


I will use this image for my Le Rȇve Noir series, as you could probably tell from the title. The setup was really simple but it worked:


Data on the image:
8×10″ Black Glass Ambrotype
Exposure time: 4 seconds f/4,5

The plate has a bit more detail in the blacks from the drape, hard to convey with a scan while keeping the same mood.

Anyway, really happy to have been making plates again, that really was a long time ago. Hopefully be making some more again today!

Lastolite Urban Collapsible

I recently received the mask for the mask series and am now working on the concept for this series of images. I have something in mind and today at work I ran into the perfect addition for the photo: the Lastolite Urban Collapsible. I was already thinking of doing something with different backdrops, maybe even paint one myself, but this looked like a great way to start. It’s collapsible so portable, easy to store, easy to get out etc. These backdrops come in 4 different combinations, each one has two different sides to them. I chose the “Rusty Metal” and “Plaster Wall” version which, I think, will work very well with Collodion.



The size of the backdrop is 150 x 210 cm which is pretty large. Big enough to fill up the wall of my studio intended for this anyway. Looking forward to using them. I hope to be shooting some plates around Easter (days off at work!).