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Interview with Forum

Dear all,

It has been awhile, and again, a lot has happened.

In short we got a call on the 26th of January that in four weeks we had to leave our beautiful place in Margraten. 4 weeks to move two large working spaces and a full blown living space… And not only did we have to move in these few weeks, but also to find a place in an even shorter amount of time…

One week later we signed the papers for a new place, lovely place, smaller but very beautiful and still place for a darkroom etc.

And now we have moved 🙂

I was asked by Jorgen Polman to do an interview for Forum Beeldtaal which he runs, and this was recorded the same day I took down the working space. Enjoy the video and I will post more soon!

Interview RTV Roermond 20-10-13

A while back I got invited by Pauline Penning from Art.Room Roermond to join her in her radio show “Kunstkamer” which is broadcasted every Sunday morning starting at 9. The show lasts an hour and the most coolness about it was that I got to pick the music being played that hour in between our interview! As you may or may not know… I LOVE music! If I had to pick between making photos or listen to music for the rest of my life I’d pick listen to music. Without music art would be meaningless. Anyway…not the point; on to the interview (Dutch only..sorry) and the selection of music (specifically NOT Dutch) 😉

~ The End ~

I haven’t had the balls to re-listen the interview haha! I do find it funny to think about the bit where I mention ‘I don’t like themes’ and I’ve been working on a theme called “Anti-Matter” as in, sometimes beautiful is enough and I don’t want to always need a depressing theme all the time for something to be good, anyway, my struggle which you could tell from two posts back, which still is a struggle, but no life without struggle. I’m actually working on a few themes / subjects, I hope to be able to clarify a bit more soon.

Piece about my Photography in “Fotografisch Geheugen”

A couple of months back Okke Groot was asking around on Twitter if there was anyone out there working with alternative photographic processes. They had planned to devote an issue of the magazine “Fotografisch Geheugen” to this particular subject. If it wasn’t for Dashdot mentioning me to Okke I would never have known about any of it so she gets lots of credits here (besides that she is a wonderful photographer and has the cutest bunny evar!) Of course also a big thank you to Okke for thinking about me when creating the magazine!

You can download the piece here to be able to read it better: Fotografisch Geheugen

Enjoy the read and thank you all once again! ♥♥♥

Interview “Basta”

This is where it all started some 2 months ago.  Jean Pluis from Basta Maastricht contacted me for an interview for their Maastrichter Cultural Magazine which they planned to bring out on paper again. And so it happened and at the Bastaboat during the Kunsttour this was presented.

To be able to read the article better you can download it here: Basta

The Kunsttour was a genuine success but more on that later!


Interview “de Limburger”

Last monday “de Limburger” called me after they received a press piece on the exhibition at the Bastaboot during the Kunsttour. They saw me mentioned exhibiting photos made with a process dating back from 1851 and got interested. The lady on the phone asked me if we could meet for an interview. I said..sure!

So, Wednesday we did. I talked about the process and my thoughts behind it and set everything up to actually show it to her as that would tell more than me just explaining everything. So she modelled for me and ended up that morning with a beautiful photo of hers.

And today the interview got published in the news paper! I’m very proud! There are a couple of things missing and incorrectly stated in the interview which I would like to rectify  here. First of all; it’s not printed in Silver Sulphate and lavender. Silver Nitrate is used to sensitize the plate and the lavender is only used in the varnish. Secondly; the project of Alexander Simays has nothing to do with my fight against superficiality. It’s just a side step; you have to do something light sometimes.. Thirdly; the place where I exhibit during the Kunsttour is not mentioned. This is at the Bastaboot as can be seen in the post below. Anyway, that was it and I’m very happy with the interview. Now I am a BM-er 😉

To be able to read the article better you can download it here:  InterviewLimburger-1

Have a good read!


Interview for L1 Radio – May 2009

I know this one dates from a while back but when adjusting my “Publications” page on my website to add the interview from the former post I realized the link to the interview I’m about to post was no longer working. I meant to upload the audio file somewhere and fix the link but never got around doing it so…another interview recorded on the occasion of an exhibition at ‘t Patronaat in Heerlen (sorry, Dutch only) together with a good friend and painter Helmut Jöcken. And now I finally have that link!

Interview 06-05-09 L1 Radio

Contrastique Interview by John Meadows & Ron Larfor

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by John Meadows to be interviewed for the Film Photography Podcast he was making in collaboration with Ron Larfor. I was a bit hesitant at first because the people he had on the show before were a bit older than me, having much more experience than I have. But he persisted and I gladly said yes.

The interview took place on the 13th of February using Skype. Since John resides in Canada, Ron in the States and me in the Netherlands that was the sure way to go. We talked for about half an hour and here’s the result! I have to say I was incredibly nervous during the interview. I settled a bit towards the end but had to go for a walk afterwords to unload 😉   In my nervousness I mentioned the developing of the collodion plate taking 15 minutes…of course, this is supposed to be 15 seconds!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show and do follow the podcast as they have many more interesting stories to share, now and in the future to come! Thank you again, Ron and John 🙂

contrastique-episode 5