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TEDxUHasselt & Wet Plate Collodion


A while back I got invited to be a speaker on the TEDxUHasselt and talk about my Disposable Project. I found it an honour and a great way to work on my public speaking so I said yes. However, due to circumstances that happened the last few months, health wise,  family-matter wise, the move, busy period at work due to less colleagues etc. I slowly got the feeling I bit off more than I could chew. It’s not in my nature to cancel things or say no to things but the feeling got stronger and due to all that happened I wasn’t able to put all the effort in prepping this talk than I wanted but also needed to. After a lot of deliberating I finally decided to withdraw so they had the time to look for someone else. It was a hard thing to do but I felt really relieved afterwards. Sometimes you just have to take a few steps back and regain your wits.


Once I informed them of my decision they mentioned that there would be a possibility for me to give a demo / lecture on the wet plate collodion process, if I wanted to. Well, why not! Great way to still be there and contribute in a field I am familiar with , so no huge preparation needed besides the obvious material prepping. I am very happy I did it the way I did, it was a wonderful day, met great people, heard very interesting stories, shared some cool-photography things and just had fun! Also one of the first gigs I did on my own, without Bart, as he had to work. It was a long day but a fruitful one 🙂 The talks were great, some talks were fantastic and inspiring. Some of the speakers:

Charles Spence (UK), the head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University and talked about Pleasure and Pain.
Peter Perceval (BE), a Belgian writer, director and producer. He revealed why the world needs funny people for innovation, based on recent developments in neuroscience.
Thomas Spaas (BE), not only a lawyer specialising in Belgian and International taxation, he is also co-director of the Belgian Bitcoin Association. He focused on the regulatory aspects of Bitcoin in general and on providing legal support to the association and its members.
Yves Tieleman (BE), a Project Manager at Group Machiels, leading the research, development and demonstration of the Enhanced Landfill Mining concept and the Closing the Circle project.

These were the speakers that stood out to me but I missed the last round of speakers due to having to finish varnishing the plates. There were more speakers from the UK, India and the United States.










Special thanks go out to Maxim Renaerts and Wouter Vanoppré for making it happen for me. And another special thanks goes out to the man from the kitchen staff who, on the end of the day, surprised me by loading all of my gear on a 3-story high-carrying wagon so I didn’t have to drag everything piece by piece back to my car. You made my day! If you want to know more about the speakers that day etc. have a look at their website.


EXPO 40 jaar atelier Fotokunst

I was invited to join a group exhibition regarding the 40-year existence of the Department of Photography at SASK Hasselt, where I studied photography. Yesterday was the opening. Unfortunately due to this exhibition’s opening falling together with me preparing the exhibition in Stein (which will open tonight) I didn’t manage to get there in time for the opening speech. I also found very little time advertising this exhibition while it’s really worthwhile to pay it a visit.

This exhibition contains work of René Borzée, who is the founder of the photography department at SASK, gum prints, salt prints and Van Dykes from Karel van Gerven, under-water pinholes and liquid emulsions on a base of gold leaf by Patrick Poels, the series “I Was A Dog” by Anton Kusters and my work, lith prints and wet plate collodion images.

We were chosen to be part of this as we continued our search for images after school ended, each in a unique way. I feel really honored to be part of this and please go and see this wonderful exhibition.

academiegalerie | opening hours
mon-fri 10u-21u | sat 10u-16u | sun closed | stedelijke academie voor de schone kunsten | kunstlaan 12 Hasselt | t 011 23 98 40

“De Zeven” 13-05-11

Last Friday we had the opening of our exhibition project “De Zeven” at XIOS in Hasselt. I actually expected more people to have joined and worked on this theme so I was a bit disappointed to see only 10 people having participated. BUT, it was really great to see other people’s works regarding this theme and meeting some of my “old” class mates. The series jumped out the most for me were made by Dries Berghmans and especially Karen Wijckmans. Special thanks to Carlo for hosting all of this! Kudos for the theme!

If I'm not mistaken; on the left the work of Marc Leest & the solo photo on the right is from Rudi Cools

If I'm not mistaken; on the left the work of Marc Leest & the solo photo on the right is from Rudi Cools

Wine, wine (water) and frozen orange juice ;-)

Wine, wine (water) and frozen orange juice 😉

Series by Karen Wijckmans - Loved it!

Series by Karen Wijckmans - Loved it!

Behind the people my work

Behind the people my work

The series by Dries Berghmans

The series by Dries Berghmans

I forgot who made these...sorry...all unfamiliar names... ;-)

I forgot who made these...sorry...all unfamiliar names... 😉

That was the wrap-up of this exhibition. I would have loved to see more from different people…maybe next time!