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Tim Rudman – Lith Print Materials – Updated

I only have gotten around downloading this updated guide today and thought I’d share it here. Well share it, you can subscribe to the newsletter of Tim Rudman here and download your copy of the updated guide for free. It’s worth it! Explanation of new printing material, what has changed etc. His newsletters are always very informative so if you wish to stay updated about the latest on lith printing I encourage you to subscribe to them. Have fun!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.20.31 AM

P.s. the Facebook group on Lith Printing has grown to a staggering 359 members and is also a very good source of information and inspiration!

Leica Serial Numbers

It’s probably common knowledge but for those who don’t know the age of their M-camera, like me, but want to know, like me, you can drop to your knees and thank God for internet 😉 Of course, God had nothing to do with it, as with everything else, however…

Anyway, I came across the following site which tells you by the serial number of your camera from which year it dates, and how many were produced in that specific batch. I learned that my camera was built on the 11th of July 1994. I finally have a camera which is actually younger than me  ❤.


Anyway, that was it! I finally finished a big assignment so expect some new things soon!