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First Holga 120 WPC Results

I got my first roll developed shot with the Holga 120 WPC! It turned out to be less bad than I expected 🙂 I do know why they invented the Hasselblad haha and proper lenses but this is really fun. Going out with this camera is fun, guestimating exposure time is fun, working this with multiple-second-exposures using only available “tripods” (rocks, walls, etc) is fun. After having used collodion for years where I try to be as exact as possible, after using Leica and Hasselblad for their superior optics this pinhole really brings back a different joy in photography. The images are just as delirious as the way of photographing, I like it! I forgot how much fun photography is without all the frikkin’ rules 🙂


It was fun to look at the red window on the back of the camera to see when the numbering started. I doubted at “1” so took it to “2” for my first shot (now I know better haha!). And later on I seemed to have forgotten to wind it all the way or something as I ended up with half an image (though no overlaps). With lith printing I see how I can make use of this camera. I do have some fine-tuning to do regarding exposing. I took in account the guidelines on the back of the camera which indicate 7-9 seconds for Fine Weather, 10-12 seconds for Overcast and 13 seconds and upwards for Morning or Dusk. I only overlooked the 100 asa bit and thought, yeah, they say this but with such a pinched aperture I’d better expose some more like double their time 🙂 I used Kodak Tri-X 400 so when I got to my third film and realised this I completely expected this to be a really dense film. But…it wasn’t as bad as I figured. So…I’ll keep on extending exposure a little but not double and keep more detail in the sky-bits.


Anyway, I like it and have already shot my third roll. I’ll probably keep them and develop them myself (hope I can bring a little more patience to the table until the new darkroom is up and running) so next results will have to wait but I’m really happy 🙂 Also looking forward trying these the lith way, especially the close-up of the grass, I really like this sort of imagery. What’s the most important thing I have learned from this? HAVE FUN SHOOTING! 🙂 (notice all the smileys in this post haha)! The last image I’m posting has been shot through our gate at work when it was raining. Exposure time was pretty long…


Rollei Redbird Film

I’m not much of a fan of colour in my personal work but seeing the results (and we started selling this film at work) I thought it would be cool to try and shoot a roll. Having read that you can lith print colour film I thought it would be kind of cool and, as such, not a necessary waste of efforts. Well, it is kind of cool though I can be rather short about this first roll of film….OVEREXPOSE!

Pretty logical when you know it’s a reversed winded film. The light has to penetrate the base layer first before hitting the light sensitive part. I liked it enough to buy a second roll which I will expose as 100 or maybe even 50 ASA, but definitely not as the rated 400 ASA! From what I read online it’s tough to overexpose this film 😉

Below an example of an accidentally “correctly” exposed negative and from an underexposed one, the latter being absolutely unusable with its grain. Images have been taken with the Leica M6 coupled with the Elmarit 28mm f/2,8



Fun nonetheless and looking forward to the next film 😉

“Two Awesome Film Projects Kick Off 2012!”

Film Photography Project contacted me to because they were interested in sharing the project Disposable Crisis on their website. They also talk about a second awesome photography project which I thought would be cool sharing here as well.

“Enter the Photo Palace Bus!

Anton Orlov and Ryan Kalem, both graduates from San Jose State University B.F.A. in Photography would like to spread the love of silver based photography by organizing workshops and exhibitions across the US as well as to document America and Americans using film.

What is remarkable is that they plan to tour via a converted vintage school bus. Upon completion the converted bus will hold a darkroom, a small exhibit area, a lounge and a foldable northern light portrait studio.

Conversion has already begun but in order to complete it, additional funds are required. Their goal is to raise $16,000 by the end of January 2012.

If you would like to see film based photography to kick up some dust in a town near you, assuming you are a continental US citizen, during the summer of 2012 then help them out. Spread the word. Blog about it. Or preferably, donate.”

For more information about this project follow this link.
For more information about the Disposable Crisis project follow this link.