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Contrastique @ Shoot Amsterdam!

Shoot Amsterdam is a yearly photographic event held in Amsterdam @ Pakhuis de Zwijger. I will be one of the speakers during the “How do they do it” sessions in the Studio at the 5th floor.

I will be talking about the wet plate collodion process, its place in time, so a little history and a little nowadays, accompanied by some visuals on a screen. Needless to say I’m very excited to be participating in this great event and hope to see you there!

Oh…and Sign up; it’s for free and it’s gonna be fun 🙂


Interview with Forum

Dear all,

It has been awhile, and again, a lot has happened.

In short we got a call on the 26th of January that in four weeks we had to leave our beautiful place in Margraten. 4 weeks to move two large working spaces and a full blown living space… And not only did we have to move in these few weeks, but also to find a place in an even shorter amount of time…

One week later we signed the papers for a new place, lovely place, smaller but very beautiful and still place for a darkroom etc.

And now we have moved 🙂

I was asked by Jorgen Polman to do an interview for Forum Beeldtaal which he runs, and this was recorded the same day I took down the working space. Enjoy the video and I will post more soon!

Atelier Contrastique is Moving!

I almost can’t believe it but my boyfriend and I will be moving into another house in the beginning of next year. Thus so will Contrastique. Besides that we’re going to have a fabulous kitchen (we love to cook and eat), a really nice garden with actual grass haha the house also has a truly magnificent basement. I didn’t think it was possible to find a house with an even nicer basement but we sure did! As is the case now my darkroom and studio will be made there. So…right now we’re cleaning things out and packing up the entire thing. Now I really realise just how much stuff I have gathered over the last couple of years, especially since I started woking with alternative processes haha…emptying the shelves and packing is A LOT of work 🙂


The basement is actually split in two parts: one separate part which forms the original basement and is already light-tight on its own will be housing my new darkroom. The ceiling is a little lower than I have now (2 metres instead of 2.20) but plenty of space to work, keep my chemistry (fridge), DR-papers and no more risk of flooding as it’s higher than the rest! As soon as the build and decorating starts I’ll post images of its progress. I am soooo looking forward to that!


When you stand with your back towards the entrance of the darkroom you look into the studio space. This is an ancient marl basement dating from the original farmer’s house that once was there from around the 1800’s. Our new house has been build on top of it when the farm was demolished. The former owner restored that basement, made it a 50 cm’s higher and placed a large window with doors in it (daylight studio aaaaahhhh though not towards the North, but hey; I’ll  happily deal with that 🙂 ). This is much higher and wider than our current basement and great for a studio. I already have the first assignment planned for 2014, a couple on collodion, so this will be fantastic! I also got asked to make images from racing/mtb bikes for a magazine à la my collodion-alternative-style, something I was already working on for my own, so this is great! I now have the space to get really creative with light and composition.


The basement also contains a toilet (very convenient), a small kitchen with a sink and a fridge so it’s more than perfect. I will also be using it as a office so I don’t have to do my administrative chores at the dining table, which was comfortable and cosy but also made it a mess with papers, cables and the like. This does mean that Contrastique will be closed for about two months before I have everything up and running again. But as my Silver Nitrate bath is shot anyway and due for extensive maintenance I can’t shoot any collodion plates now anyway.

I’m also in the process of planning a date for a dry plate collodion workshop by Jeroen de Wijs. It will be a three day course which covers all the aspects of dry plate negatives and salt printing. This is supposed to take place around March.

So….2014 is already full of beautiful, fun and exciting challenges and I am looking forward to it immensely! I wish you all the same kind of happiness and fortune for 2014!

EXHIBITION – Art Extraordinaire

This Saturday, 05 May 19:30, the exhibition ART EXTRAORDINAIRE will be opening at the Hoaf van Heden, Havenstraat 22, Stein.

This particular exhibition is an interesting coalition of multiple artists from different disciplines:
Helmut Jöcken – Paintings | Sculptures
Daniella Claessens – Paintings
Eefje Schenk – 3D | Graphic Design
Ed Schaap – Paintings | Airbrush
Vincent Pepels – Leather Art
Marcel Cohnen – Airbrush
Indra Moonen – Photography

The music during the opening will be brought to you LIVE by Syndicate, run by Bruno Bours and Lucas Kramer.

Everyone is welcome during the opening, and of course the rest of the days, so get your butt over to Stein and have some fun!

Publication: Gabriel Fuzion Magazine

A while back I got contacted by Gabriel van Ingen from Fuzion Magazine if I was interested in publishing my work. Of course!

“FUZION is an online  and in print magazine a based in the UK. Our publications promotes photographic practice from around the globe. We provide artists a platform to have a  dialogue with a global community!”

The issue has been published and already looks great on screen. I have also ordered a printed version (which you should too as there are some cool photographers in there) and I’m looking forward to it! You can find it here:
Fuzion Magazine Printed Version 

Here’s a preview from my work in the magazine:


Thank you Gabriel!!


Bastaboot vaart uit tijdens de KunstTour

Het culturele anker BASTA Maastricht beziet alles van de zonnige kant.

Het blikveld wordt tijdens de Kunsttour 2011 wederom verlegd naar de
Maas. We zien graag het culturele licht schijnen in alleman water.

Vandaar dat we op Zaterdag 28 en Zondag 29 Mei om 12.00 en 15.00 uur
gaan cruisen en de opvarenden een verrassend programma bieden tussen
de veilige havens ‘Het Landbouwbelang en AINSI’.

Omdat we ons nooit laten insnoeren en voorschrijven waar we aan moeten
voldoen, kiezen we voor een eigenzinnig programma dat nog lang van zich
zal doen laten spreken, ook als de kruitdampen reeds lang zijn opgetrokken.

En zoals de traditie voorschrijft is onze huisdichter Krokus de rode draad in
het programma. Ook de Duitse klankarchitect ‘Der Nitszche‘ zal de Maas
vervoeren met zijn magisch gitaarspel.

Verder zijn er exposities van kunstenaars, muziek en theater die het programma
compleet maken.

Astrid Verkoijen, met Vormgeving
Coen van Dam, met piano
Coretta Dekker, met theater
GambaConsort Maastricht: Anneke Pasman – diskantgamba, Hildegard Moonen – altgamba, Bert Pasman – basgamba
Indra Moonen, fototentoonstelling (foto’s zijn gemaakt met een techniek van ±160 jaar geleden)
Jimmy Dee, met zang, gitaar en veel meer
Katrien Haemers, met haar schilderijen
Nico Zwackhalen, met zang
Ronald van Laar, met beelden
Youri Penders, met boekdruk kunst

Kortom, laat u verrassen en overrompelen. En ook niet onbelangrijk te vermelden:
De toegang is gratis. Er kunnen weliswaar 100 mensen mee op de boot maar
vanwege de enorme belangstelling is het aan te raden tijdig te reserveren.
Opstapplaats: Biesenwal/Wilhelminakade 28 en 29 Mei om 12.00 en 15.00 uur.

p.s. De boot heet “the Dream”

Reserveren bij:
Suzanne Stohr
+31 6 290 55 232

Indras Devolution vs Mondiaans Evolution – Remake

As mentioned above this is a remake of the version before. I have deleted that one as I choose what you get to see and I have decided it to be my final on this matter only. The reasoning behind the edit is that I found the former ones (“Ruin” & “Birth”) too unsharp and the model in “Ruin” was not centered enough. Still isn’t perfectly in the middle; that photo didn’t seem to like that and lived its own life for a bit which really suited the thoughts behind it (yes, I can do the blabla-bullshit too). 🙂

When I was in high school we visited the “Haags GemeenteMuseum” where a lot of Piet Mondriaan’s (1872-1944) work is on display. One that particularly attracted me was his painting “Evolution” made in 1911. The painting contains a lot of theosophical influences and symbolism, the latter always fascinated me in art. With this painting Mondriaan hoped that people looking at it would convert to being more spiritual and less influenced by material and earthly ways.

“A cosmic, mystical evolution progressing from matter through soul to spirit, influenced by Rudolf Steiner’s Theosophy, a combination of mysticism and new science. Three nude female figures, or perhaps one figure seen from three different points of evolution: the terrestrial or earthly body on the left with the red shapes behind her(red signifying earthly passion) and the triangles indicating nipples and navel pointing downward to earth; the soul at center with the white light behind her and her eyes wide open (Steiner felt young girls (hence the why I used a male) had extra visionary powers due to their supreme feelings of devotion and he thought full enlightenment only came with eyes open) with her nipples and navel triangles pointing upwards to a higher plane; and finally the Divine Spirit on the right with yellow stars behind her whose nipples and navel triangles point both up and down in a perfect harmony of the spheres through a dynamic balancing of opposing forces. The spiritual and physical in unison.” (Source: CSULB)

Of course, as one can tell from my former posts, I don’t believe in human kind being able to act as a spiritual society as a whole. We become too polluted by money and power. It is my belief that one day this will cause the ruin of mankind as we know it. So, when Carlo (my former teacher at SASK) came by to ask me if I wanted to work on the theme “Seven Deadly Sins” I was more than compelled to do so. Only to make 7 photos, each of them depicting one of the sins, seemed quite boring and rather cliche to me. Also, the Catholic Church came up with these categories as those are the sins all bad human behavior can be narrowed down to. But Man made these, not God. I wish to convict mankind in its entirety for they created everything and thus should be held responsible. The painting of Mondriaan hopped back into my thoughts one day and I decided to remake them, my way. “Devolution” as I see no hope for humankind because they are so susceptible to these so called “Seven Sins”.

I’ll post the photos separately below with the explanation for the ones interested. If you wish to remain blissfully ignorant, please refrain from reading the last bit, if you can 😉

Birth: This is the purest, most innocent humankind will ever be. Hence the lilies, the shape of the nipples and belly button, the eyes & the position of the head pointed towards the sky / heaven

Birth: This is the purest, most innocent humankind will ever be. Hence the lilies, the shape of the nipples and belly button, the eyes & the position of the head pointed towards the sky / heaven

Narcis: As you grow you become polluted by money, power etc. You base decisions on what works out best, firstly for yourself. Self love and preservation. Egoism. Hence the choice for the narcis flower, the eyes looking a little over the audiance, the view into one self only explained differently than Mondriaan's version. Here it means getting influenced but you remain the center of all.

Narcis: As you grow you become polluted by money, power etc. You base decisions on what works out best, firstly for yourself. Self love and preservation. Egoism. Hence the choice for the narcis flower, the eyes looking a little over the audiance, the view into one self only explained differently than Mondriaan's version. Here it means getting influenced but you remain the center of all.

Ruin: No explanation needed I think. The dead branches stand for doom. The eyes closed, the shape of the nipples etc pointed towards the earth, completely materialised. Ruin.

Ruin: No explanation needed I think. The dead branches stand for doom. The eyes closed, the shape of the nipples etc pointed towards the earth, completely materialised. Ruin.

All images are 18x24cm black glass ambrotypes. Exposure time: about 20 seconds. Fixer: Sodium Thiosulphate 30%

I’ve gotten around the way I would like to present them. They will be printed on 70 x 100 cm (inkjet, I don’t want the print itself add anything to the photo besides making it bigger) with a white border from around 10 cm’s on each side. The prints will be mounted on foam board to keep them from fluctuating in the frame and then framed in black aluminum frames without glass.

The order of the images has also changed. First I wanted to present them in the same manner Mondriaan did, the final image, the result by that I mean, in the middle. But “Narcist” fits better in the middle, not just qua meaning and thoughts behind it, but also qua look of the image. It just fits better there hence the choice.

Anyway, I am looking forward to some more reactions on this work! Have a great evening!


Interview for L1 Radio – May 2009

I know this one dates from a while back but when adjusting my “Publications” page on my website to add the interview from the former post I realized the link to the interview I’m about to post was no longer working. I meant to upload the audio file somewhere and fix the link but never got around doing it so…another interview recorded on the occasion of an exhibition at ‘t Patronaat in Heerlen (sorry, Dutch only) together with a good friend and painter Helmut Jöcken. And now I finally have that link!

Interview 06-05-09 L1 Radio

* = back *

Yes, it has happened! We’re back online again! Needless to say I am more than happy. My private email address seemed to have blocked the move…I don’t know why but whatever; it’s solved now 😉 I hope that means the website will be safe for a long time to come…

Oh, and best wishes for 2011!!

-Indra is Offline

Edit 11-11-10: is currently offline until further notice. I don’t know who is screwing up but someone is. I requested the move on time, via a letter and everything yet the move is being rejected every time. Not by my former host and not by my new one they tell me but by the company the discspace is actually from; ASCIO that would be.

The thing is that when this takes too long and they don’t find the time to fix the move before the domain gets frozen (or whatever they tell me) I have to buy it back again before the name hits the market and is available to the public once more. I could run the risk of no one wanting the name of course but anyway. It would cost me around €100- 150,- and that is totally ****ed up! It wasn’t my fault in the first place so I’ll definitely forward that invoice to the one whose fault it is. You’d better be warned!

Anyway, that’s the current state of things, I try not to think about it too much cause it makes me pissed to no end! 😦

Original post:

I am currently in the process of moving my personal website ( & from one provider to another. Unfortunately these processes seem to be impossible without the necessary issues meaning one of them is that my email:  indra at contrastique dot nl is temporarily unavailable. The email that I’m available on for the time being is: indramiep at home dot nl.

Reason for the move: Old provider 50 MB disc space, new provider 400 MB for about half the price. My website was simply growing too big for my former provider and proved to be expensive compared to other companies. A bit more expensive is okay for me, they had great service but not at xx times the price.

At least so you know 😉