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KunstTour 2011 – Impressions

So , here they are at last! In short; it was a fantastic weekend. In long; please read on 😉

Friday we set everything up. I was able to use pretty much all the space I wanted which was great. No room for hanging the work which was great too; saved a lot of work and hassle. We laid everything out on tables and saved one table in the middle to display the camera, a book with guiding information, prices and a guest book. At first we covered the tables with a green cloth which later that day got removed by Franz Rothenburg, one of the organizers, as you can see on first photos. Luckily he decided to remove them and spread the layout a little although I was a bit afraid when he mentioned having done so the night before opening.

The way things were with the green cloth

The way things were with the green cloth

Close up of the presentation. This image actually sold that weekend!

Close up of the presentation. This image actually sold that weekend!

The way it had become; without the people

The way things became - Photo: courtesy of Moonesque

The boat was situated at the wharf of the Landbouwbelang which, unfortunately, wasn’t clear enough for everybody as some ended up missing the boat. Great location though, not many people know this place but it’s a beautiful spot in Maastricht. Calm but raw, showing the industrial part of Maastricht in its “gone-by” glory.

The weather proved to be an excellent companion this weekend. The sky remained blue and the sun hot and burning most of the time. Also good companions were on the boat as in the other artists. Katrien Haemers showed her paintings which were quite fascinating! The work of Astrid Verkoijen also appealed to me. Her colorful work used in her furniture looked really great.  Jimmy Dee played guitar on board and sang as well. He also performed on a didgeridoo which was cool!

He also gathered quite the bit of attention.

Another musical artist who performed on Sunday with Coen van Dam was Nico Zwackhalen with his bluesy voice. I met Coen before while there were still those famous jazz-monday-evenings at the Tramhalte in Maastricht. He rocked the piano there and I loved his playing from the start. Great to have met him on the boat listening to his music again. Downstairs at the boat “Viola di Gamba” gave a performance too.

Nico Zwackhalen

Nico Zwackhalen - Photo: courtesy of Moonesque

Coen swinging the hell out of his piano, the rest enjoying the hell out of it ;-)

Coen swinging the hell out of his piano, the rest enjoying the hell out of it 😉

Coretta Dekker treated us with a comical performance which was really funny. Unfortunately she found it to be not good enough so she canceled her performance for Sunday. Too bad; would have loved to see it again 🙂

Coretta as 'Angelle"

Coretta as 'Angelle"

Let’s not forget the wonderful poet of the house “Krokus” with his sharp words. A true addition to the boat with a remarkable feel for expression.

Photo courtesy of Leon Moonen

Photo: courtesy of Moonesque

Youri Penders showed us the wonderful process of the printing press late 1800’s. Really cool as my camera is from somewhere around that very same time! He explained the process with quite the bit of passion and engagement which made it all the more fun.

Youri and his printing press

Youri and his printing press

And me...enjoying the sun and stuff ;-)

And me...enjoying the sun and stuff 😉

Of course, let us not forget about the people who made this all worthwhile: the guests!

Photo: courtesy of Leon Moonen

Photo: courtesy of Moonesque

The crowd out on the deck

The crowd out on the deck - Photo: courtesy of Moonesque

Some unexpected performers

Some unexpected performers - Photo: courtesy of Moonesque

Also, let us thank the weather for being so incredibly kind!!

Of course, a special thanks goes to the Basta family, Suzanne Stohr and Resi Claessens, the owner of this boat (which is available for rent).

As you can see a totally different KunstTour than last year and that made it all the more fun! Hope to see you (again) next year.

🙂 Indra 🙂

Interview “Basta”

This is where it all started some 2 months ago.  Jean Pluis from Basta Maastricht contacted me for an interview for their Maastrichter Cultural Magazine which they planned to bring out on paper again. And so it happened and at the Bastaboat during the Kunsttour this was presented.

To be able to read the article better you can download it here: Basta

The Kunsttour was a genuine success but more on that later!


KunstTour 2011 – May 27 – 29

Ladies and gentlemen…it’s almost time for the KunstTour again! This year it will be held from the 27th til the 29th of May all throughout Maastricht. For more information visit their website, join their Facebook or follow them on Twitter 😉

The site says I’ll be located at the Frankenstraat 148 but that has changed. Me and my work will be on board of the Bastaboot where at the same time the interview with me for Basta will be presented. So…join us there. I think it’s gonna be fun! The boat is situated behind Landbouwbelang. Visit their website for more on that.

Till then!