Kelly Moore | Posey 2

[femaleblatter] This will be a post pretty much unlike everything else I’ve ever posted. I think (and certainly hope) most of you know me as NOT the type of woman who brags about their new-bought shoes, purses, bags or whatever crap you can feel superficially happy about. I couldn’t care less about it, I prefer other things 😉 Luckily this is camera-related so I feel somewhat comfortable..


Anyway, I was looking for a new normal handbag the other day which could fit my Leica M6 which I normally carry with me every day (dear robbers, I will kick your ass so don’t even think about it ;-)), but also hold other stuff, you know, like normal everyday-life stuff, and also the option of being able to carry an iPad. I have plenty of other photo bags but wanted a less obvious one, and a bit more charming than the Retrospective, which I also love. At work we used to carry one brand of female photo bags (Rosabags) which I found to be quite hideous and besides the even more horrendous Jill-E bags I couldn’t think of anything that would fit the bill here. A quick search on the wide web opened up quite a bit of possibilities and seeing that there was no real photo store in the Netherlands carrying these I thought it would be cool if we would start selling them. I looked at two brands: Epiphanie & Kelly Moore and imported both. And as the title of his post suggests my personal bag turned out to be a Kelly Moore 🙂


Today I picked my poision: the Posey2 in turquoise. It fits an iPad, more than capable of holding my M6 and quite a bit  of other stuff. It has some other pockets to hold other (smaller) stuff. This bag has been really well thought out, a good finish and a nice feel to it. I’m really happy! Not much I can add to this I guess, in the end it’s just a bag meant to carry stuff in, not talked about. But I thought I’d share as I was obviously not the first and won’t be the last looking for such a bag. If someone in the Netherlands is interested you can order yours here 😉

So…that was it really, back to really cool stuff: selenium toning my print for the exhibition this weekend…





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