Taking Collodion Out in the Wild: Part 2

A little sooner than I anticipated at first but the first part of the equipment has been arranged, or at least ordered. At first the bike. Really necessary as my, now former one, was too rusty and flaky to be trusted. Now I have 21 gears, front and back suspension and whatever else I’ve never ever had on a bike before like guards and proper light and stuff haha! Here it is:

Koga Roadrunner Lady-C

Koga Roadrunner Lady-C

Also, I have ordered the bicycle trailer I need to transport my stuff to where I need it to be. The store where I bought the bike turned out to be the importer of the brand Roland. I decided to go for that too since we were already there. It can carry up to 90 kilo! This is what it’ll look like.

Roland Big Boy

Roland Big Boy

And I have also ordered the fixer box. I wanted a closed one for the KCN and BlackArt Woodcraft makes some really gorgeous ones. It should be ready and delivered in March..can’t wait for that!!

BlackArt Woodcraft Walnut Fixer Box for 8x10 plates

BlackArt Woodcraft Walnut Fixer Box for 8x10 plates

All I still need are the tent, a table and I guess that’s about it then!

2 responses

  1. very nice, Indra.
    my most fear with that small cart, is that the glassware would break because of the small jumps caused by the road…

    January 26, 2010 at 22:52

    • Yeah, you might be right about that. I want to make a box padded with foam on the inside with separations for each bottle. That should keep it safe from harm I figure..

      January 26, 2010 at 23:01

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